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Gaudeamus Saturday Night • BarmyFiveseveN plays Cardiacs


British “pronk” (prog/punk) band Cardiacs is hailed by bands like Faith No More, Blur and Radiohead as an influence on their music, while still being a highly controversial cult phenomenon. Their mix of absurd theatrics and Zappaesque prog structures makes them a band you either love or hate. For more than 30 years, the band remained their unique, stubborn and wilful self, until in 2008 band leader Tim Smith suffered a cardiac arrest, leaving him with severe physical disabilities and unable to compose or perform anymore.

14 to 16-piece big band BarmeyfiveseveN was founded by flute player Jos Zwaanenburg and his students from the Conservatory of Amsterdam to perform the music of Tim Smith and Cardiacs. After having heard recordings of their rehearsals, Smith gave them a never before played composition of his, “Pod, my my, look my pod”, that will have its premiere this evening.

BarmyFiveseveN plays the music of Cardiacs from 22:30 to 23:15 at Cloud Nine.