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Conlon Foundation’s Disklavier Plus Competition 2021

A competition for a multimedia installation with a central role for Conlon’s MIDIcontrolled Yamaha Enspire Disklavier. The prize for the winning submission is a presentation/concert/exhibition presented by the Gaudeamus Foundation in their 2021-2022 season in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

‘Since the introduction of digital technology, sound art has undergone a radical transforma- tion. Artists can now create visual images in response to sounds, allow the audience to control the art through pressure pads, sensors and voice activation, and in examples like Jem Finer’s ‘Longplayer’, extend a sound so that it resonates for a thousand years. Environments are an alternative term for installation art; environments are mixed-media constructions or assemblages usually designed for a specific place and for a temporary period of time.’ -TATE MODERN, London

For full submission and payment detail, see the call at Conlon.

Installation/Environment options and guidelines

  • Submissions can be existing works or a detailed plan and concept for a new to be realized work. The form of the installation;environment may be ongoing, a loop, with/without interactivity with the public.
  • A live performer/other instrument may be part of the work, however, the costs entailed are the responsibility of the applicant(s).
  • The work may include combinations of music/sound, visual, tactile and interactive media, and should have a central role for Conlon's MIDI-triggered Enspire Disklavier.
  • If the submission is an existing work, it should be adjustable to the available venue.
  • One or more artist/composers may apply.
  •  The work will be programmed in collaboration with Conlon and Gaudeamus and the winner(s) will also be expected to present their work to the public in a demonstration and/or workshop for young composers. Therefore, they will be required to be present for the duration of the event.
  • Gaudeamus will provide technical assistance and support and accommodation for 3 days. However, Gaudeamus cannot provide travel costs, nor a fee.

Reference Links

  • Senses_Working_Overtime.2019
  • 'Multitudes' Andreas Greiner and Tyler Friedman
  • 'Multitudes' (winner, Conlon Music Prize Disklavier Plus 2015) An audiovisual installation in two movements that straddles the fields of biology, digitality and sculpture.
  • Rebecca Horn_'Concert-for-anarchy'

The jury will consist of a panel of experts in the field of electro-acoustic new music and installation art and will judge the submissions for the prize on originality, musicality, interactivity and performance feasibility. One work will be selected as the winner. The decision of the jury will be made public no later than May 1, 2021. The Conlon and Gaudeamus Foundations reserve the right not to select a winning piece.

Submission Guidelines

  • The competition is open to composers and (sound)artists of all ages and nationalities.
  • The existing works may have been presented and/performed, but must have been conceived after 2015.
  • The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2021.
  • A detailed description of the work (or a preview of the artist's plans) with clear indications for the use of the Disklavier and the use of multimedia, electronics, visual and interactive elements, alternative controllers or other important details for the performance of the piece, as well as all technical requirements.
  • Motivating choices taken to transform the experience of the the viewer should be included in the submission, and why the artist(s) feel their work is suitable for inclusion in in the Gaudeamus concert season 2021-2022.
  • A preview of the work, if possible. In the case of an existing work, please include thorough documentation.
  • A short biography of the composer(s)/artist(s) with links to three works from the last 5 years.
  • Submissions can only be done by sending an email to
  • All documents should be in pdf format.
  • All files should be either attached to the e-mail (if less than 20 MB) or downloadable/streamable through a link to a website where the file remains available until May 1st, 2021.