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Screen Dive Phase 3: Call for Interactive Web-Based Works

The 3rd round of Screen Dive is about to start! As Screen Dive continues to grow as a meeting place for musicians, game designers and everyone who’s in-between and beyond, an online and live platform to play with sound, an archive with already 25 interactive soundart works by international composers – we invite you to submit your fearless screen-based creation.

Gaudeamus Screen Dive logo

This is a public call for existing as well as new works that will be featured on Screen Dive’s online gallery/playground space, curated by Luke Deane and Maya Felixbrodt. They will also join the live play-station at Gaudeamus festival and other events and may be featured live as performances/workshops/installations in more happening in The Netherlands and internationally.

The focus for this call is on works/scores/ideas that are interactive in nature. This time around we would like to encourage works that are for multi-players. Works that are not interactive in some way will not be considered (e.g. static video, live performances or pre-recorded performances) unless there is an obvious intention to “interactive-ize” them for this project. Once published, the works must be available to visit/play with online 24/7. The word “interactive” is used broadly here – interaction can be lo-fi, from text instructions to conceptual forms of interaction, all the way up to the most technical, java applets, 3d spaces, etc.

While working on your proposal check out the already existing works at Screen Dive.

The deadline for submissions was Sunday 2 January.

For questions, send an email to callforscores@gaudeamus.nl

Do you want to know more about Screen Dive before submitting your work? Join us online on Sat. Dec. 18th 18:00 CET for a talk with the curators. We will tell about the nature of Screen Dive, brainstorm together with you about your idea, answer questions and can even help you find the collaborator you are looking for your screen-based work. E-mail us at screendive@gaudeamus.nl and we’ll send you the zoom link.


  • The work could not be shown on typical platforms (youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, vimeo, facebook etc.)
  • The work should consider audience interaction as its primary goal
  • Sound-focussed works are preferred. Visual components are very welcome, but sound, music and listening are the focus points.
  • This open call doesn’t have a specific theme, but definitely appreciates works that are thought provoking and have a message.
  • The work can be proposed in a variety of formats, and the designers will strive to embed the idea into the Screen Dive website.
  • We are prepared to accept a small number of ideas, which are not technically implemented. We may be able to implement your idea for you, so just focus on the idea, the intention of the work, and we can discuss.
  • Fixed fee of €1,000 is offered for each work, as compensation for both artistic and technical aspects of the project.
  • For this round only 5 works will be accepted.
  • We want to minimize long loading times to make screen dive as accessible as possible, so we suggest that you aim for a maximum static/”on-load” file size of 100mb. (this does not apply to streamed content or to periodically loaded components).


  • Max. 1 A4 with a clear description of your idea (in writing, video, image etc.)
  • For existing works: the proposed work, in any format it is
  • For new works: a simulation of the work if possible
  • Links to max. 3 previous relevant works