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In 2020 we celebrate 75 years of music pioneers

In 1945 Walter Maas organises a concert at Huize Gaudeamus in Bilthoven. With no fewer than two hundred visitors, this concert marks the start of the Gaudeamus Foundation. Gaudeamus will be 75 in 2020. And this will be celebrated in grand fashion with special concerts and activities.

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Did you know founder Walter Maas, a German textile engineer emigrated to the Netherlands in 1933 and lived in hiding in the Gaudeamus House during the Second World War?





Did you know that as a thank you for all the help and support Maas had received form the Dutch, he made the house available to young composers and musicians after the war?






Did you know many now world famous music pioneers, including Ton de Leeuw, John Cage, György Ligeti, Edgar Varèse and Karlheinz Stockhausen, have met each other in the Gaudeamus House?




Wist je dat György Ligeti’s iconic Poème Symphonique for 100 metronomes was commissioned by Gaudeamus and premiered in 1963 during Gaudeamus Muziekweek?



Wist je dat that the very first Gaudeamus Award was presented to Peter Schat in 1955 and that since then winning this prize marked an international breakthrough for many composers, including Unsuk Chin, Louis Andriessen, Yannis Kyriakides, Michel van der Aa and Anna Korsun?





Did you know that since its foundation Gaudeamus has been known internationally as an innovative hotspot for new music and has since then played an important role as a festival, platform and patron in presenting future generations of music pioneers who will leave their mark in music history ?




Did you know that in 75 years Gaudeamus has built up a very rich archive containing an invaluable collection of photos, scores, sound recordings, books, articles and correspondence? And that Gaudeamus would like to digitize the jewels from the archive in order to be able to share them with the whole world during the anniversary in 2020?

To realize our plans, we are looking for people who want to contribute. Would you like to join us? Send an email to and we will contact you to help shape your personal contribution.

CELEBRATE – 2020 – JOIN  – 2020 – THINK – 2020 – LISTEN – 2020 – CELEBRATE

Portret Walter Maas in Huize Gaudeamus
foto: Anna van Kooij

Overige beelden: collectie Nederlands Muziek Instituut, Den Haag