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About Gaudeamus

Innovation and progress come from the bottom up. That is why Gaudeamus presents, stimulates and supports radical sounds by innovative artists. We do this through our annual festival, composition assignments, the Gaudeamus Award, concert series and residencies. Since 1945, Gaudeamus has introduced curious music lovers to the (composed) music of tomorrow: unheard of combinations of genres, fresh perspectives on concert practices and radical new inventions in the field of sound and stage art, without borders or limitations.

Help new music pioneers



Martijn Buser artistic and general director
Floor Ruyters business director
Laurens Palsgraaf festival coordination, (technical) production manager 
Benjamin van Vliet marketing & communication
Matthijs Mantel programme & production
Christina Patsa programme & production 
Jonás Bisquert
Natálie Kulina intern
Martín Mayo intern


Aart van der Maas chairman
Anne Parlevliet
Janny Rodermond


Saskia Lankoorn
Hannibal Saad
Vanessa Lann

Gaudeamus Muziekweek has been categorised as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI in Dutch). For private individuals as well as for companies this means there is a tax benefit because of gift deduction. Apart from that cultural PBO’s do not have to pay gift tax for your donation or heritage tax on any legacies they receive. RSIN 850027196 Read more about the possibility to support Gaudeamus financially.

Mission Statement Foundation
‘The foundation has as its goal: to organise one or more music events every year, including everything this entails, is related to or conducive to this, in the broadest sense of the word.’ (Articles of association art. 2)