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Innovation and progress come from the bottom up. That is why Gaudeamus presents, stimulates and supports radical sounds by innovative artists. We do this through our annual festival, composition assignments, the Gaudeamus Award, concert series and residencies. For over 75 years, Gaudeamus has introduced curious music lovers to the (composed) music of tomorrow: unheard of combinations of genres, fresh perspectives on concert practices and radical new inventions in the field of sound and stage art, without borders or limitations.

The annual Gaudeamus Festival is the oldest music festival in the Netherlands and takes place in Utrecht since 2011. It is the international meeting place for young composers and music pioneers from all over the world. An important part of the Gaudeamus Festival is the Gaudeamus award, an incentive prize for composers up to the age of 35. See a list of recent Gaudeamus Award winners here.

Next to the festival Gaudeamus also organises concert series in TivoliVredenburg and KuuB as well as our Gaudeamus Sessions, presenting try-outs from our own productions, a taste from the festival and work-in-progress by young ensembles and still unknown composers.

Gaudeamus regards the support of the latest generation of music pioneers as one of its most important aims. Thanks to the Dutch Performing Arts Fund’s Nieuwe Makers (New Creators) project, talented up-and-coming musicians are attached to Gaudeamus for a number of years. In this way young artists get the chance to develop in a secure environment and to examine their creative process in depth.
Each year Gaudeamus also commissions many new works. More info on our talent development activities.

Throughout the entire year Gaudeamus is active as a platform for new stimuli and developments in the Dutch and international music world, as an active partner in international networks such as the European Ulysses Network.

Since it was founded in 1945 by Walter Maas in Huize Gaudeamus, the foundation has stimulated development and provided a stage for the newest generation of composers. Now, more than 70 years later, Gaudeamus is internationally recognised as thé expert when it comes to the latest developments in composed music.

In the beginning the Gaudeamus Muziekweek was dedicated to Dutch composers, but already in 1950 it was open to young composers from all over the world. In 1988 the maximum age was lowered to 30 years. Except for the period between 1977 and 1983, there was a composition competition during the Muziekweek with a jury consisting of internationally famous composers.

Since 1984 it has been all about one prize only: the Gaudeamus Prize, since 2015 known as the Gaudeamus Award, which consists of a commission worth € 5000 that will be performed during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek the following year.

In 1983 Gaudeamus left Huize Gaudeamus in Bilthoven and moved to Amsterdam. On the first of January 2011 the Foundation Gaudeamus Muziekweek became an independent organisation located in Utrecht. Since then it has grown into one of the most important initiators of new music activities in the city.


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Stichting Gaudeamus Muziekweek
Loevenhoutsedijk 301
3552 XE Utrecht
+31 (0)30 820 01 11 (you can reach us by phone on Mondays and Wednesdays)

for general questions
+31 (0)30 820 01 11 (you can reach us by phone on Mondays and Wednesdays)

for communication, marketing & press
+31 (0)6 1438 7793


  • Buitenplaats Doornburgh

    Diependaalsedijk 17 3601 GH Maarssen

  • ConcertLab/ Leeuwenbergh

    Servaasbolwerk 1a 3512 NK Utrecht

  • De Nijverheid

  • Domkerk

    Achter de Dom 1 3512 JN Utrecht

  • Het Huis Utrecht

    Boorstraat 107 3513 SE Utrecht

  • Impakt

    Lange Nieuwstraat 4 3512 PH Utrecht

  • Lutherse Kerk

    Hamburgerstraat 9 3512 NN Utrecht

  • Movement Exposed Gallery Space

    Buurkerkhof 7 3511 KC Utrecht

  • Museum Speelklok

    Steenweg 6 3511 JP Utrecht

  • Nicolaïkerk

    Nicolaaskerkhof 8 3512 XC Utrecht

  • Nicolaïkerk

    Nicolaaskerkhof 8 3512 XC Utrecht

  • Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

    Lucasbolwerk 24 3512 EJ Utrecht

  • Theater Kikker

    Ganzenmarkt 14 3512 GD Utrecht

  • TivoliVredenburg

    Vredenburgkade 11 3511 WC Utrecht

  • Utrecht

  • Utrecht Centrum

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Gaudeamus Muziekweek has been categorised as a Public Benefit Organisation (ANBI in Dutch). For private individuals as well as for companies this means there is a tax benefit because of gift deduction. Apart from that cultural PBO’s do not have to pay gift tax for your donation or heritage tax on any legacies they receive. RSIN 850027196 Read more about the possibility to support Gaudeamus financially.

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‘The foundation has as its goal: to organise one or more music events every year, including everything this entails, is related to or conducive to this, in the broadest sense of the word.’ (Articles of association art. 2)

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