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Call for Interactive Web-Based Works

Gaudeamus Muziekweek is going ahead, but in a different guise. One of the new elements to be featured during the festival is a virtual playground space, curated by Luke Deane and Maya Felixbrodt.

This is a public call for existing works to be featured in this years’ 75th Anniversary of Gaudeamus Muziekweek! A limited number of new works will also be accepted. The accepted works will form part of an online gallery/playground space, curated by Luke Deane and Maya Felixbrodt. The focus for this call is on works/scores/ideas that are interactive in nature. Works that are not interactive in some way will not be considered (e.g. static video) unless there is an obvious intention to “interactive-ize” them for this project. 

The word “interactive” is used broadly here – interaction can be lo-fi, from text instructions to conceptual forms of interaction, all the way up to the most technical, java applets, 3d spaces, etc.

For questions, send an e-mail to


  • The work could not be shown on typical platforms (youtube, soundcloud, bandcamp, vimeo, facebook etc.)
  • The work should consider audience interaction as its primary goal
  • Sound-focussed works are preferred. Visual components are very welcome, but sound, music and listening are the focus points.
  • The work can be proposed in a variety of formats, and the designers will strive to embed the idea into the Gaudeamus website. 
  • We are prepared to accept a small number of ideas, which are not technically implemented. We may be able to implement your idea for you, so just focus on the idea, the intention of the work, and we can discuss.
  • Fixed fee of €150 is offered for existing works, and a fixed fee of €500 is available for a more limited number of new ideas.

REQUIREMENTS (what should you submit)

  • Max. 1 A4 with a clear description of your idea (in writing, video, image etc.)
  • For existing works: the proposed work, in any format it is
  • For new works: a simulation of the work if possible
  • Links to max. 3 previous relevant works


  • Deadline: 8 July
  • 15 July Selection
  • 9-13 September Gaudeamus Muziekweek