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Trash Panda Collective + Igor C Silva

Gaudeamus invites composers worldwide to write for the Trash Panda Collective. Composer Igor C Silva will supervise the corresponding Reading Session on 8th September 2018 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Trash Panda was formed in Amsterdam in 2016. Rules and limitations have never really existed. Its unorthodox instrumentation, reflecting its members’ diverse musical practices and language, allows it to sound anywhere between a contemporary music ensemble and a teenage rock band rehearsing in the garage. It is still uncertain to the ensemble’s members if this is a good or a bad thing. We are Trash Panda. |

Instrumentation (4 performers): flute (in C, bass and piccolo), saxophone (baritone, tenor and alto), electric bass and percussion (small drum kit, vibraphone + small instruments/objects/junk percussion) + electronics/multimedia (max. 4 output channels and 4 input channels). Any software is acceptable, as long as fully documented and ready for performance.

Igor C Silva is a Portuguese composer devoted to electronics and new media music, creating projects where performers, computers and many noisy and psychedelic things happen on stage, creating a multi-sensorial experience. Silva works regularly with ensembles, performers and orchestras, receiving many commissions from ensembles and festivals, and publishing several recordings with his music. He also works regularly with soloists, ensembles and jazz groups, devoting part of his musical and composing activity to improvisation and interactive performances with electronics and multimedia tools.

Call for sketches
Send a composition sketch with a maximum length of 2 minutes before 1st August via our website We would like to receive sheet music/PDF and electronics/multimedia (audio files, patches, performance sessions etc.) (no MIDI files!). All the scores and electronics should be fully documented and ready for performance. All the pieces should be written for the entire instrumentation. We encourage the use of electronics/multimedia (although it’s not mandatory).

For questions contact

Reading Session
From the entries, a selection will be made for the Reading Session. On 8th August we will make known which sketches are selected. During the Reading Session on 8th September, all selected sketches are played, and you have the opportunity to work with the members of the ensemble. This Session will be supervised by Igor C Silva. At the end of the Reading Session, several composers will be able to develop their sketch for a whole 5-7-minute composition with a possible performance in Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2019.

Deadline: before 1 August 2018

Sign up at:


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