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Asko|Schönberg is one of The Netherlands’ leading ensembles for new music. Asko|Schönberg occupies an unassailable position in the arts through its enormous versatility, constant forward momentum and its ability to mirror topicality or even fly in the face of it. Collaboration between musicians and composers and creators is a key element of its work. They examine musical and theatrical formats, techniques and possibilities through a dynamic working process that results in exciting discoveries, new insights and innovative methods of presentation. Asko|Schönberg, while respecting its 20th century heritage, is creating the repertoire of the future. The musicians are highly specialised in the performance of new music, thanks in part to their intensive collaboration with the composers.

The relationship between Gaudeamus and Asko|Schönberg is warm and has a rich history. Still, a Gaudeamus Muziekweek is not complete without a concert by Asko|Schönberg. Below you’ll find a selection of videos of Gaudeamus concerts by Asko|Schönberg and an overview of upcoming concerts.