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Jerzy Bielski

In 2017, Polish composer Jerzy Bielski became artist in residence at Gaudeamus. As such he is getting an intensive working period for his expressive music theatre productions. Jerzy’s residency is supported by a Nieuwe Makers grant from the Fonds Podiumkunsten.

In September 2019, Jerzy presents Zamenhof Project, as part of Gaudeamus Muziekweek, a new large-scale interdisciplinary project which surprises, challenges and confuses and which was inspired by Esperanto-inventor Ludwick Zamenhof. On top of that, there will be an all-inclusive bus trip to Kelmis where the performance is also held and during which the audience will have the opportunity to delve into Jerzy’s creative process,

Jerzy Bielski is one of the talented young music pioneers Gaudeamus Muziekweek has been closely monitoring. In 2015, his performance (not only) Futurists, for which he won the Amsterdam Fringe Award, was part of the programme of the festival. Following a tour in South Africa for (not only) Futurists, he has written music and designed self-built instruments for five different theatre performances in Poland (2016-2018) and attended many workshops in Europe. Leader of two large ensembles, Circuit and Futurists, for which he writes all the music and text, Jerzy creates more and more interdisciplinary pieces with music, dance, theatre, video and sonic art, intertwined with each other.