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A diverse world free from the old patriarchal and hierarchical systems – that is the ideal of the diverse group of musicians who make up the Strasbourg-based ensemble lovemusic. And that ideal is at the heart of all their colourful, innovative concerts and all the collaborations they enter into with idiosyncratic composers. In this concert, they play music by composers close to their hearts, four of whom also have a close relationship with Gaudeamus: Yixie Shen and Patrick Ellis are nominated for the 2024 Gaudeamus Award, David Bird was nominated for the 2016 one and Kelley Sheehan won it in 2019.

Patrick Ellis - Between two trios
Yixie Shen - Illusion - I. Der bewegte Wald
Kelley Sheehan - Exhaust and fume
David Bird - Cove
Erin Gee - Mouthpiece 33
Finbar Hosie - The Hyacinth Garden

Emiliano Gavito - Flute, performance
Adam Starkie - Clarinet
Emily Yabe - Violin, viola
Sophie Wahlmüller - Viola
Christian Lozano - Guitar
Lola Malique - Cello
Finbar Hosie - Electronics, sound

Performers Between two trios (pre-recorded tape)
Erin Hennessey - violin
Ali Comerford - viola
Yseult Cooper Stockdale - cello

Photo © Emmanuelle Jacobson-Roques