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Andrea Voets / Resonate Productions – FOR REAL

Do you matter, as a woman? FOR REAL is a theatrical radio show about the still prevalent sexist intellectual undermining of women: the lack of interest in what they think, say, make or try to achieve in life. As a viewer, you are a guest in the radio studio of musical journalist Andrea Voets. You will hear pre-recorded stories and experiences of 14 women, and spontaneous live interviews with women from the audience will arise, accompanied by musicians improvising live. Each edition of FOR REAL is recorded and released as a podcast.


Andrea Voets - harp, voice, live electronics, interviews, concept
Sarah Jeffery - flute, voice, live electronics
George Dumitriu - violin, viola, guitar, voice, live electronics
Hayden Hook - live sound and recordings
Kimberly Major - dramaturgy
Burkhard Körner - advisor



Resonate Productions