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/ Multidisciplinary performance


35 musicians with backgrounds in improvised music, contemporary classical music, jazz and experimental music. That’s the French orchestra ONCEIM, or Orchestra of New Creations, Experiments and Improvised Music. During Gaudeamus Festival they will present two performances they developed with equally versatile composers. An electroacoustic piece based on samples of the orchestra itself by composer/turntablist/visual artist Christian Marclay, who has previously worked with John Zorn and Sonic Youth, among others. And a performance about finding individuality within a group, by composer/theatre-maker/musician Genevieve Murphy.



Christian Marclay - Found In Orchestra
Genevieve Murphy - Together We Feel And Alone We Experience

Found In Orchestra was commissioned by Onceim; and co-produced by Musica, the Rainy Days Festival and supported by the Nicati de Luz Foundation, Impuls Neue Musik and ADAMI.

Together We Feel And Alone We Experience was commissioned by Onceim and Gaudeamus; and co-produced by Musica, the Rainy Days festival and supported by Impuls Neue Musik and ADAMI.


Juliette Adam, Jean Dousteyssier, Isabelle Duthoit - clarinet
Bertrand Denzler, Benjamin Dousteyssier, Carmen Lefrançois, Stéphane Rives - saxophone
Franz Hautzinger, Christian Pruvost - trumpet
Fabrice Charles, Alexis Persigan - trombone
Jean Daufresne, Vianney Desplantes - euphonium
Patricia Bosshard, Clara Levy - violin
Élodie Gaudet, Julia Robert - viola
Martine Altenburger, Anaïs Moreau - cello
Sébastien Beliah, Benjamin Duboc, Frédéric Marty - double bass
Julien Loutelier, Antonin Gerbal - percussion
Giani Caserotto, Jean-Sébastien Mariage - guitar
Pierre Cussac - accordion
Alvise Sinivia - piano
Diemo Schwarz - electronics

Frédéric Blondy - direction


L'Onceim is supported by the Ministère de lCulture / DRAC Île-de-France and Sacem.

Photo © Livia Saavedra



ONCEIM, Musica Festival (Strasbourg)