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Festival / Multidisciplinary performance

Aircilla & Ensemble Kaer – Moving Air

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

In Moving Air the audience is immersed in sound waves emanating from a kinetic sound installation and an acoustic ensemble. With extended techniques the musicians extract different timbres, tone colours and textures from their instruments as well as from the vibrating sound installation Aircilla. An overwhelming and soothing experience.

The sound installation Aircilla is a collaboration between sound artist Gemma Luz Bosch and installation maker Jurriaan de Vos. Ceramic sound objects hang from ropes and are set in motion by a large steel mechanism. The handmade sound objects swing and collide with each other, creating their own soundscape. Aircilla can be seen in Museum Speelklok from 1 July to 31 October, but will only be performed live during Gaudeamus in collaboration with Ensemble Kaer.


Gemma Luz Bosch – (prepared) piano and composition
Ketija Ringa – flute
Pietro Elia Barcellona – double bass
Mees Siderius - percussion
Hugo Ariëns - prepared guitar