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Akasha – Rosa Ensemble

Hypnotizing, spatial concert, challenging music

“The ensemble singing is divine, with flawless timing and challenging music.”
– Theaterkrant ()

Akasha is a production in which music, stories and memories merge to create an enchanting performance. The Rosa Ensemble was inspired by Ervin László’s Science and the Akashic Field: An Integral Theory of Everything, in which the Hungarian philosopher and futurologist describes an all-encompassing dimension, the Akasha, named after one of the five principles of Hinduism. This dimension contains all information from the present, past and future, and is a universe where everything and everyone is linked to each other.

How does it feel to be linked to everything and everyone? The Rosa Ensemble brings this universe to life through music, lighting, text and images. Surrounded by nine musicians, you are immersed in a spatial concert, floating out of your seat into a space devoid of time and place. An infinite starry sky. Welcome to the Akasha field.

Akasha is a ‘Big Bang’ kind of production. A narrative about life, from earliest youth until death. All the stories and memories and all the relationships we have with others flow together in Akasha. A hypnotizing and enticing kaleidoscope.

Rosa Ensemble
Florian de Backere
Petra Ball
Floris van Bergeijk
Isa Goldschmeding
Nina Hitz
Peter Jessen
Esther Mugambi
Stephanie Pan
Kevin Walton

Daniel Cross - music & staging
Esther Mugambi, et al. thanks to the world wide web - text
Jan Boiten - scenography
Mike Rijnierse, Rob Bothof - picture
Gijs ‘t Hoen - light
Lieke van Hoogenhuyze - dramaturgy
Thomas Koopmans - sound
Brenda van Geffen, Amber de Saeger - costumes