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From Tue 6 to Sun Sep 11 sound art collective 7090 organizes BimBamBoehmerBoem! on Forteiland Pampus, in the IJmeer between Amsterdam and Almere. A gigantic display cabinet in which 7090 the legacy of the Netherlands’ most feared composer and music critic Konrad Boehmer (1941-2014), takes it out of context and creates a new place for it in the twenty-first century. All throughout the week, music blares through the halls, texts drip from the walls and art and kitsch from Konrad Boehmer’s private collection fills the rooms of Pampus. On the last day, Sunday 11 September, 7090 will close explosively with a day full of performances of works by Boehmer.

12:00 Echelon (2001) for five instruments and soundtrack, by Koen Kaptijn, Nora Mulder, Akim Moiseenkov, Jasper Stadhouders, Ruben Kieftenbelt and Arie de Zwijger
12:45 Chant de Départ (1986) for speaking cellist, by Christophe Roy
13:30 Der Tänzer unserer lieben Frau (1963), electronic music for a ballet, by Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti
15:00 Cry of this Earth (1978) for tape and percussion, by Bart de Vrees


Konrad Boehmer Foundation