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Close Call

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

The concert begins: turn ON your phones! Install the special app, turn your phone into a musical instrument and play along with the band during three numbers. But be careful! Are you playing the phone – or is the phone playing you?

This new musical performance by Arthur Wagenaar (Susies Haarlok) is about the impact of the smartphone, which is enormous. The Internet is everywhere, Facebook knows everything and Google is the new god. Do you check your phone 221 times a day too? Whom do you follow? Who is following you? What impact does that have on us? Close Call lets you experience this in an overwhelming way.

> The app is free and works for both Android and iOS. Search for Close Call Live in Google Play or the App Store. Watch the video for an instruction of the app.

In association with Stichting Goed Bezig!

Photo © Baldwin Henderson

Arthur Wagenaar

Trio aXolot - EWI
Marijn Kor de Gidts, Boy van Ooijen & Tjalling Schrik - drums
Lotte Oen - tenor saxophone
Matthias Konrad - trombone
Axel Schappert - bass trombone
Laurens van der Wee - app

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