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Club Fluxus: Alistair Sung

Club Fluxus Alistair Sung

The cello, with its unpredictable, sometimes troubled and sometimes manic character, functions well when alone, especially in a musical environment that is itself subject to centrifugal forces. The Australian cellist Alistair Sung, known for Stargaze and Cello Octet Amsterdam, spent a year with four composers and shows the highlights of that collaboration: four brand new compositions, in which the cellist and composer, aided by electronics, go beyond their books and staves, and venture into fields of dance, ambient, improvisation, minimal and chance.


Morris Kliphuis - Sawtooth
Qasim Naqvi - Pentimento
Molly Joyce - Tunnelvision
Alistair Sung - Shifting states
Aart Strootman - Shattered Cannon no. 2

Photo: Katarina Plevkova

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