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Club Fluxus: Amstel Quartet & Keuris Quartet – Maxim Shalygin

Two of the Netherlands’ most exciting saxophone quartets join forces to perform Todos los fuegos el fuego by the Dutch/Ukrainian composer Maxim Shalygin. Shalygin drew his inspiration for this work from short stories contained in the book of the same name by the Argentinian writer Julio Cortázar. The eight-part composition is performed by eight saxophonists because, according to the composer, this family of instruments is best equipped to convey the stories – with a combination of subtle and mysterious sounds and furious outbursts.

Fluxus, which means ‘fluid’ or ‘constantly changing’, is a series in Club Nine. This series focuses on composers, young ensembles and musicians who together showcase the latest developments in contemporary music. Where possible, the composers will be present and will discuss their own work. The small-scale and informal set-up places the audience in very close contact with the performers.

Amstel Quartet:
Remco Jak - soprano sax
Olivier Sliepen - alt sax
Bas Apswoude - tenor sax
Harry Cherrin - baritone sax

Keuris Quartet:
Evgeny Novikov - soprano sax
Stefan de Wijs - alt sax
Michal Grycko - tenor sax
Juan Manuel Dominguez - baritone sax

Maxim Shalygin - Todos los fuegos el fuego