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Club Fluxus: ICP Orchestra

ICP Orchestra


In 1967 pianist/composer Misha Mengelberg and drummer Han Bennink were co-founders of the versatile ICP Orchestra, nowadays known as one of the most creative groups in modern jazz. Mengelberg died in 2017, but his compositions are alive and well thanks to the orchestra’s virtually unchanged line-up. His compositions may form the basis, but no two ICP concerts sound the same. The ICP’s musicians derive so much fun from playing, and sowing confusion contributes to their pleasure. The music is packed with surprises, unexpected twists, supple grace and strange outbursts.

Michael Moore – alto sax/clarinet
Ab Baars – tenor sax/clarinet
Tobias Delius – tenor sax/clarinet
Thomas Hebererer - trumpet
Wolter Wierbos - trombone
Guus Janssen - piano
Mary Oliver - violin
Tristan Honsinger - cello
Ernst Glerum - bass
Han Bennink - drums