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Season / Multidisciplinary performance

Club Fluxus: Pentacle Surround Sound

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

In The Pentacle, a 15.3 Surround Sound System invented by Fedde ten Berge, artistic coordinator of STEIM (Studio voor Electro-instrumental Music), you are embraced by sound. In two concerts during Gaudeamus 2021 musicians will have the opportunity to experiment with this system. In this Club Fluxus concert on Friday it is the turn of vocalist Annelie Koning and sound artist Akim Moiseenkov. A day later, during the Saturday Night, the System will again play a central role in various concerts.

For Annelie Koning the voice is an instrument with which you can make sounds endlessly, with improvisation as a starting point. With composer Gerjan Piksen and librettist Jeroen Callaars she developed the surround recital Toch nog gelukkig (Still happy after all). In this theatrical piece she enters into conversation with the voices in her head, in order to discover slowly who and what she is and can become. Sound pioneer Akim Moiseenkov will build a one-man-choir with The Pentacle, which he controls via motion sensors. In his performance The Falsify Cycle he takes on the role of shamanic priest of science, who questions our existence and explores new perceptions of time and dimensions.