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Club Fluxus: Trio Napolov | Fridman | Sandee

Club Fluxus Napolov|Fridman|Basilova

In 2020 it’s exactly 130 years since one of the greatest Dutch painters, Vincent van Gogh passed away. For the program Van Gogh 130 jaar! the trio of pianist Laura Sandee, cellist Maya Fridman and percussionist Konstantyn Napolov collaborated with composers Molly Joyce, Robin de Raaff and Martín Francisco Mayo who got inspired by the work of the impressionist painter. Martin Francisco Mayo (Venezuela) made a piece inspired by Wheatfield with Crows and Molly Piece (USA) wrote eight songs based on Vincent’s letters written to his brother Theo van Gogh. Through the eyes and ears of three different composers we listen to and discover the world of one of Netherlands’ greatest masters, that 130 years after his death still has an enormous impact.


Molly Joyce- I want to feel alive
Remy Alexander - Eva I’I dew drawings (world première)
Maxim Shalygin Octopus 
Robin de Raaff - Aeons (world première)
Martín Francisco - Mayo Wheatfield with crows


Laura Sandee - piano
Maya Fridman - cello
Konstantyn Napolov - percussion

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