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The Flemish School – Kugoni Trio

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

The Kugoni Trio is proof that more than enough exciting new music is being written by our southern neighbours. This young trio with the unique instrumentation of piano, violin and saxophone is a real advocate for its composing countrymen. In this concert they play a brand-new work by Antwerp composer Wim Henderickx and work by four younger colleagues, all of whom went to Belgium to study, in many cases with Henderickx himself, plus a piece by the youngest composer of this Muziekweek, 16-year-old Stefan Bele from the Netherlands.

The trio gives several commissions to Belgian composers each year, thereby creating an oeuvre of more than thirty brand-new works since its creation in 2010. In this programme they build on the future of that oeuvre, with new works by various international composers. They have a preference for music pioneers who have some connection to Belgium and are still at the very beginning of their career.


Wim Henderickx - Sacred Places II (The Valley of the Gods) (commissioned by Gaudeamus)
Carlos Brito Dias - [a]void
Renata Sayakhova - Awareness
Eda Er - …I should have known a better romance...
Stefan Christian Bele - How to deal with an audio system 
John Baker - Sparrow Variant

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Kurt Bertels - alto saxophone
Bert Koch - piano
Nicolas Dupont - violin


Kugoni Trio