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Festival / Minifestival

Digital Identities

Slagwerk Den Haag & Zeno van den Broek + Gabriel Paiuk & Arne Deforce & Sebastián Diaz Morales + AMET

Each year Gaudeamus explores every corner of Utrecht, this year including several areas of Utrecht that have undergone a major transformation in recent years. Where pop venue De Helling was located in an industrial no man’s land 10 years ago, it is now surrounded by a thriving cultural life. This year Gaudeamus pays a visit to the venue for an evening focused on the triangle of technology, people and identity.

Slagwerk Den Haag & Zeno van den Broek
Four percussionists, modified bass drums and various drum robots investigate the relationship between man and machine in the transdisciplinary work Ma(n|chine) by Zeno van den Broek. In the characteristically pared-down but intensely minimalist visual and musical style of this acclaimed maker, performers from the digital domain enter into dialogue with those of flesh and blood.

Sound Theory (The Clouds)

Composer and sound artist Gabriel Paiuk won the Gaudeamus Award in 2006 with his sound installation Res Extensa – the first time the Award was won with a sound installation. Now he returns with visual artist Sebastián Diaz Morales and cellist Arne Deforce for the premiere of Sound Theory (The Clouds), an audiovisual performance with the bonnet open. Experience how sound can be manipulated and how fiction becomes part of the act of listening. Also visit the corresponding website

Sound artist Elsa M’Bala aka A.M.E.T. was born in Cameroon and currently lives and works in Berlin. Her work is a hybrid of traditional African music, journalism, abrasive electronics and field recordings. An inquisitive and unrelenting exploration of race, gender, spirituality and musical and other prejudices.

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