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Dream Work – Nikel Ensemble

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Nikel Ensemble seeks to give performances that are an ultimate blend of electronic and acoustic sounds. Their line-up of saxophone, electric guitar, percussion and piano therefore fits the bill perfectly. This year we are pleased to welcome the quartet as ensemble-in-residence.

In collaboration with the European Ulysses Network, Gaudeamus and Nikel Ensemble have put together a very special programme. Four composers – Clara Iannotta, Simon Løffler, Mikołaj Laskowski and Boris Bezemer – were asked to write music for the splendid, surrealistic black and white collage films of the Austrian avant-garde filmmaker Peter Tscherkassky. Two of his films, Dream Work and Outer Space, are the starting point for the new compositions. The films are shown twice during the evening, each time accompanied by one of the four works, two of which were commissioned by Gaudeamus. Experience the influence of the sound on how you perceive the film, and enjoy the new compositions in sounds and images.

Nikel Ensemble
Peter Tscherkassky - film

Clara Iannotta - new work
Simon Løffler - new work
Mikołaj Laskowski - new work
Boris Bezemer - new work

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Ulysses Network, Creative Europe