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Festival / Multidisciplinary performance

Ensemble Klang & Igor C. Silva – Follow

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Who makes the news? You do that yourself. By clicking and sharing, your ones and zeros determine which stories you get to see and which you don’t. But whose stories can you trust? Composer Igor C. Silva and writer Aaron Landsman explore the unreliable language of truth in Follow, a multi-layered work involving video and electronics performed by Stephanie Pan and Ensemble Klang.

News spreads quickly: it accelerates, goes viral and soon nobody has control over it. We swipe and follow and try to reflect on how it relates to us. How does it feel to seek a truth, find it, lose it, and end up losing yourself in the process? In Follow, voices, sounds and lights bounce around in a dizzying spectacle that wraps the audience in waves.


Igor C. Silva – music & video
Aaron Landsman – text
Stephanie Pan & Ensemble Klang – performance

Photo: Michel Mees


Ensemble Klang, Miso Music, Korzo