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IN-SITU/CITY: Gemma Luz Bosch

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

In-Situ/City is an ongoing project that focuses on the city as an ever-changing changing collection of historical, cultural, political, and social signifiers. For Gaudeamus 2022, four young makers (groups) were commissioned to create new work that reflects on this theme, with a special focus on the relationship between humans and non-humans.

The Spanish-born Utrecht sound artist Gemma Luz Bosch is fascinated by the process of sound creation. From an investigation into ways to add new sounds to the existing palette, she developed a range of ceramic instruments, which generate a beautiful organic sound when they come into contact with water. For Gaudeamus’ In-Situ/City project, Gemma went in search of moving water in the city. For example, she was inspired by the Weerdsluis and she devised the ‘Sluis flute’ that she will be launching on the night of the performance. SLUIS is an intimate and personal concert in which you will be surprised by the sound of clay and water.

This concert was made possible with the support of ULYSSES Network, Creative Europe and by a financial contribution from the Provence of Utrecht. 

Photo: Clay Breath