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Festival / Outdoors

IN-SITU/CITY: Gemma Luz Bosch

In-Situ/City is an ongoing project that focuses on the city as an ever-changing changing collection of historical, cultural, political and social signifiers. For Gaudeamus 2022, four young makers (groups) were commissioned to create new work that reflects on this theme, with a special focus on the relationship between humans and non-humans.

Sound artist Gemma Luz Bosch, born in Spain and residing in Utrecht, is fascinated by the origin of sound. From her research in exploring ways to add new sounds to the existing palette, she developed a series of ceramic flutes that produce a beautiful, organic sound when in contact with water. For Gaudeamus Festival, Gemma will build a sound installation at the Weerdsluis in Utrecht, that she will baptize during the opening night and that will evolve throughout the week. “Stagnation is silence, movement is sound.”

Dit concert is tot stand gekomen dankzij de steun van ULYSSES Network en Creative Europe.