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/ Multidisciplinary performance

Kikker X Gaudeamus: Ensemble Modelo62

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Three degrees from reality is an interdisciplinary proposal that invites broad audiences to reflect on how we practically experience reality nowadays. The public will be starring in this work, which will unfold according to their decision-making in relation to given directions. The participants will also be hosted and guided throughout the performance by the musicians/performers of Modelo62. All of them share agency in the generation and creation of the piece. As a result, Three degrees from reality is one piece and three works of art at the same time, combining the physical and digital spheres in a hybrid way. It is a system open and flexible enough in which performers and audiences can collectively experience reality with different approaches in a metaphorical way.

An interdisciplinary work by Luz Lassizuk, Ezequiel Menalled and Yolanda Uriz


Theater Kikker