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Festival / Concert

T R O M P O & Nick Dunston

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

The three members of T R O M P O have in common their love of (post)minimal, playing beautiful, strange sounds, and exploring the limits of their instruments. The name T R O M P O comes from ‘El Trompo’, a toy resembling a spinning top, popular in Central and South America, but it also refers to kebab-like meat that is eaten on tacos. All in all a fitting name for them, given their multicultural and playful approach to music. In this concert, they will be playing new works by the New York composer and bassist Nick Dunston, who is often involved with improvisation.


El Sueño de Ícaro – Fabián Roa

  1. Soplos: Holograma de un vuelo fantástico.
  2. En el abismo
  3. La transfiguración de los sueños

Stereofroth – Nick Dunston

Flow 2 – Sam Perkin

Cars Pass Across the Fjord – Laura Nygren


Carlos Anez - flute
Marthe Lasthuis - violin
Laura Nygren - bassist
Nick Dunston - bassist