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Two Envelopes

Two Envelopes combines performative elements and electronics with classical elements. Music that turns left just when you think the performers are turning right, ‘impossible’ sound combinations, sounds that detach themselves and cut the ground from under your feet. An ensemble par excellence that young composers like to work with. Of the five composers nominated for the Gaudeamus Award this year, three were commissioned to write new work for Two Envelopes. The work of Bethany Younge and Alex Paxton – ranging from rich in detail and strongly visual to maximum and all over the place – will be premiered in this concert.

Bethany Younge – new piece
Alex Paxton – new piece
Bethany Younge – Feast of Selves
Frederik Neyrinck – new piece
Liliia Iskhakova – the song that wants to soar

Lisa Kokwenda Schweiger - harpsichord
Jacob Vanneste - percussion
Pieter Lenaerts – double bass
Jona Kesteleyn - guitar