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Ways to listen to a river

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What do you hear when you listen to a river? What history and stories lie hidden within it? Argentinian artist Nahuel Cano, in residence since July at Doornburgh, follows the poetic trail that rivers have created in Argentina and in the Netherlands, together with filmmaker Juan Fernández Gebauer and Ensemble Modelo62. This multimedia performance invites you to listen to the voice of these rivers.

Nahuel Cano explored the Vecht (Utrecht) and the Limay and Salado (Argentina). He translated the various themes of these rivers, such as human intervention in nature, capitalism, ecology, colonialism, into Ways to listen to a river. A performance that uses music, video and song to tell the stories of the rivers. In cooperation with Residenties in Utrecht and the Provincie Utrecht.


Nahuel Cano - Director, composer, performer
Juan Fernández Gebauer - Live video
Ezequiel Menalled - Electronics, composition advisor
Jan Willem Troost - Cello
Klára Andrlová - Percussion
Enric Sans I Morera - Bass clarinet
Anouke de Groot - Final direction advisor
Flor Braier - Writing advisor
Claudia Cano - Vocal coach
Pablo Fontdevila - Technical producer/stage manager
Claudia Cano - Vocal coach
Clare Gallagher - Technician



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