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/ Multidisciplinary performance


This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Shadows move between light and dark. They are always present but sometimes they suddenly grab our attention. In Schaduwspel (Shadow Play), clarinettist Jelmer de Moed (finalist Dutch Classical Talent 2022) and soprano Elisabeth Hetherington explore shadows in music, in space and in film. Between text and melody, leading and following, looking and being seen.

Jelmer de Moed graduated with an early version of Schaduwspel, and immediately managed to make a big impression with his ambition and vision as a young musician. It is the first production of his freshly founded Studio De Moed, in which he brings together makers from different disciplines with the aim of renewing and enriching classical concert practice.

Schaduwspel will play in four time slots of 45 minutes each, from 20:00 to 23:00, alternating between music by Amarante Nat and Nuno Lobo. In this time slot you can hear the composition by Nuno Lobo.


Jelmer de Moed - clarinet and concept
Peter Leung - final direction
Elisabeth Hetherington - soprano
Naida Amorim - scenography
Boris Peters - cinematography
Nuno Lobo - composition
Dario Giustarini - technology