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/ Multidisciplinary performance


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In the musical narrative Lalaei, Iranian singer Sarah Akbari, percussionist Karen Willems and the musicians of Zwerm transport us to the Middle East. To a personal story by British storyteller Marie Phillips, which could no longer be kept quiet. The performance seeks out the dark edges of seemingly innocent songs used to lull children all over the world to sleep.

Lalaei is based on a mythical story from Ovid’s Metamorphoses: the story of Procne, queen, dutiful daughter, obedient wife, and loving mother. Until the day that she discovers a terrible injustice has been done to her sister…

The performance is narrated in English. Singing includes Turkish, Kurdish, Hebrew and Persian.

Lalaei is a production of van Zwerm en WALPURGIS, co-produced by DE SINGEL en Klara Festival, with support from the Flemish Community and Stad Antwerpen.


Zwerm, Karen Willems and Sarah Akbari - music
Marie Phillips - storytelling
Raphael Rodan – final direction
Stef Depover - scenography
Judith Vindevogel - oeil exterieur
Farnoosh Farnia - coaching