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Rafaele Andrade & Knurl Quartet

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Brazilian cellist Rafaele Andrade is the inventor of the knurl: a cello-based, 3-D printed instrument that allows the player to create and manipulate harmonies electronically in real time. For several years, she has managed to fascinate music lovers with the concerts and albums she has presented with the instrument. During Gaudeamus Festival 2023, she will take the next step: meet the Knurl Quartet!

By means of an open call, Andrade gathered three musicians who wanted to explore with her how four Knurls can combine with each other. In several performances scattered throughout the festival, they will engage in different experiments. This evening, the whole quartet is playing together for the first time. Rafaele also performs the duo performance Sound Energy Harvest with Adam Pultz.


Knurl Quartet - New work
Rafaele Andrade & Adam Pultz - Sound Energy Harvest


Rafaele Andrade, Jan Willem Troost, Lucija Gregov, Katerina Papakostaki - knurl
Adam Pultz - FAAB (feedback augmented bass)