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This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Sounds Like Juggling has invented a whole new genre: making music by juggling. Beats with home-made shaker balls and banging jerrycans, body percussion when a ball is in the air and one hand is briefly free. Waltzing with ticking metal pipes, dancing with a pile of cardboard boxes. You’ve never heard juggling like this before!

Their new show PUINBAL is an enchanting mix of music, juggling and visual theatre that will touch you. Armed with their unique juggling moves, the four performers of Sounds Like Juggling tackle life. “Sirio! Higher! Faster! Guido…! GUIDO!!! Forward! Back! Arthur! Eyes closed! OUT!!!”

PUINBAL will play twice this afternoon, at 14:00 and 17:00.


Guido van Hout, Arthur Wagenaar - instruments, composition and juggling
Ryan Djojokarso - direction
Guido van Hout, Clara de Mik, Sirio Fernández Rubio, Arthur Wagenaar – actors
André Pronk - set and lighting design
Douwe Ket, André Pronk - set design
Tren Middelkamp - decor workshop apprentice
Sanne Oostervink - costume design
Arthur Wagenaar - soundtracks
Gijs Oomkes, Michiel Heuveling – technicians