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Millennial History

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

In the multimedia performance Millennial History by musical journalist and harpist Andrea Voets, vocalist and keyboardist Luke Deane, and recorder player Sarah Jeffery, we experience recent European history through the eyes of millennials who were there themselves. The ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland, the Mafia in Sicily, the ‘Wende’ in East Germany and Ceausescu’s ‘children of the decree’ in Romania: real dangers and major changes within which young Europeans had to shape their own realities.

Millennial History is based on the podcast of the same name (included from the Association for International Broadcasting’s ‘best human interest radio ’22’ shortlist) and directed by Catinca Draganescu.


Andrea Voets - harp, artistic director, journalism, research, interviews, concept & content
Luke Deane - keys and computer
Sarah Jeffery - recorders
Catinca Drăgănescu - direction
Simos Lazaridis - mix

Podcast: Andrea Voets, Luke Deane, in partnership with Are We Europe