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Rafaele Andrade with Timo Hoogland

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Brazilian cellist Rafaele Andrade is the inventor of the Knurl: a cello-based, 3-D printed instrument that allows the player to create and manipulate harmonies electronically in real time. For several years, she has managed to fascinate music lovers with the concerts and albums she has presented with the instrument.

During Gaudeamus Festival 2023, she explores the new technical possibilities of this young instrument. On the Thursday evening, she will do this together with a real Knurl Quartet. During this concert she will present This isn’t solo, a solo in which the audience participates, and the duo performance Morph, with Timo Hoogland.

In Morph, Rafaele (knurl) and Timo (drums/electronics) create various sonic textures by connecting their instruments together via the computer. This is an ongoing research of how instruments can extend beyond themselves and morph into one larger instrument by controlling each other’s sounds.


Rafaele Andrade - This isn't solo
Rafaele Andrade & Timo Hoogland - Morph