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Gaudeamus presents: King Sisters + Natálie Kulina

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Twice a year Gaudeamus and Podium Hoge Woerd present music that lets you listen – and see – in a completely different way. In this edition the music theatre performance Rebuilding a Voice by the King Sisters, preceded and followed by the performative installation 27 by violinist Natálie Kulina.

Is it possible to find your own voice in the mold of our society? In the music theater performance Rebuilding a Voice, three sisters – actress and theater maker Joske, vocalist and composer Annelie and visual artist and performer Marthe – deconstruct the (female) voice. A surprising combination of sound and physical play: a monologue is interrupted by a song, a song is undermined by a performance. “A fascinating a cappella theater concert in which the tension between uniformity and the individual is central.” – Theater Krant

Joske, Annelie en Marthe Koning – Text/performance/music/concept
Jessie L’Herminez – Final direction
Elowise Vandenbroecke – Dramaturgy
Janne Piksen – Composer
Akelei Loos – Costumes
Neal Groot – Light and sound

In collaboration with: Festival Cement and Via Zuid – Talentontwikkeling Podiumkunsten Limburg

27 is a preview of a performative installation combining aspects of classical music performance and theatrical/visual installation. It aims to capture one’s inner monologue and interactions with the outside world in the context of the cyclical motions of trauma and recovery, gently implying questions about boundaries, social/digital voyeurism and perspective curation, as well as our individual and collective responsibilities.

27 is directed, produced and performed by violinist Natálie Kulina, in collaboration with composer Amarante Nat, sound artist Arieh Chrem and visual artist and scenographer Naida Amorim.


Podium Hoge Woerd