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Gaudeamus Radio Time with Luke Deane and Boris Bezemer

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Over the years Luke Deane and Boris Bezemer have been returning to Stranded FM to present us with wild radio trips of different shapes and kinds: a meandering walk through different musics, as they scratch the land with teacher’s chalk, organised/improvised living room talk, bringing the news in with snippets and bird views. Regular items include telephone interviews, call-in comments, association threads and live field reporting from the Gaudeamus Festival.

In this next four-hour Gaudeamus Radio Time radio special the duo will dispense recordings gently into your headroom – or other space –, incidentally share observations and considerations in different ways, and answer your phone call live in the studio at Stranded FM through digital radio waves.

Luke and Boris

Luke is a conceptual composer with a strong focus on self-expression and emotional pain; his compositions have both speculative and humorous qualities, often showing the artist failing at an impossibly difficult task on stage. Luke is known for his idiosyncratic approach to form: he has scored movements for live photographers, for the moving of unplayed musical instruments, has composed works for 66,365 speakers, compositions that can only be performed in perfect reversed-time, and for many hypothetical duets between human beings and other organisms. Despite never having appeared in Vienna, Luke’s work belongs to the “semi-fictional” 4th Viennese school of composition.

Boris Bezemer: “Can you continue the following line of words: classical music –> music –> art –> culture –> society –> world –> _ ?”

Luke Deane: “-> earth -> celestial body -> music of the spheres -> mythical -> bards -> songwriting -> verse -> teaching -> wisdom -> peace -> stillness -> void -> darkness -> murk -> dirt -> bacteria -> life -> conscious awareness -> apple falling on your head -> ideas -> connection -> friends -> community -> scene -> underground -> rave -> ecstasy -> bliss -> hedonism -> self -> me -> i -> 1 -> 0 -> off ->”

Boris Bezemer is a human being, artist and composer. His music strikes an expressive balance between the standing leg and the playing leg / structure and chance / bread and wine. He grew up observing life, playing guitar and programming computers before he went on to perform with wild electronics and virtuosic light bulbs. A craving for romance inspires Bezemer to go look for that element of strangeness that’s so essential for romance, as he makes sound worlds filled with color and joy in which there also may be a sense of alienation. Especially when the unnatural aspects of sounds take over or when his music comes together in strange proportions.