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Gaudeamus Sessies #17

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

During the Gaudeamus Sessies we present try-outs of our own productions, previews of the Muziekweek and work-in-progress by young ensembles and (yet) unknown composers.

During the 17th edition: try-outs by Miranda Driessen’s Koerikoeloem and vibraphone & electronics duo Plastiklova.

Composer Miranda Driessen is a late bloomer. She began here study composition at 35 with Klaas de Vries and Peter-Jan Wagemans. Koerikoeloem is a muziek theatrical ritual based on the same poem by Tjitske Jansen. This afternoon you will get a preview of the special work, which Driessen wrote for harp, sho (Naomi Sato), recorder (trio aXolot) and vocal ensemble (ASKO Kamerkoor).

Plastiklova is the new duo of Yu Oda (electronics and keyboard) and Laurent Warnier (vibraphone and electronics). Both of them focus on the sounds of the vibraphone, extent the sound spectrum by using electronics, dare to give their music some groove and with all of that search for an unlike energy in their double band.