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The Hair duo Vera Hofman Sjors van der Mark Gaudeamus

Gaudeamus Sessies #21

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.


During our irregular Sessions, Gaudeamus (the platform for young music pioneers’ development) presents previews, try-outs and work-in-progress sessions of its own productions, young ensembles and/or talented composers. In Session #21, presentations by The Hair, Flora Koene and Yael Levy and Nikos Kokolakis of Catchpenny Ensemble.

The Hair
The red curls of flute player Vera Hofman and the long straight hair of guitar player Sjors van der Mark is what brought them together. But apart from long hair, they share a love for adventurous music. In a diverse programme reaching from baroque music to the 21st century, they bring together the rich sound worlds of the two different instruments. All the extremes of the instruments, the musicians and the emotions of the listener are being exploited fully. Or as they say themselves: “This is The Hair. Unusual music, unusual performances, unusual hair.”

Yael Levy and Nikos Kokolakis
Yael Levy and Nikos Kokolakis are artistic leaders of Catchpenny Ensemble, the The Hague based ensemble that will work together with three nominees for the Gaudeamus Award in 2019 during the Gaudeamus Muziekweek. They will present the ensemble tonight, and give an impression of their residencies of last summer in Palermo and Cyprus.

Flora Koene, Niek KleinJan and Julian Wösten
Composer, visual music maker and instrument builder Flora Koene brings her new piece ‘Meditation’ for percussion, tape and visuals. The rhythms are written using Karnatic techniques. On the tape, sounds from Zen meditation are used, like the heart sutra (a text that is often sung before a meditation) and the sound bowl. This is combined with live visuals by Julian Wösten. Just as meditation is an excercise in concentration, the piece is an excercise in concentration for percussionist Niek KleinJan.