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Gaudeamus Sessies #22

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

During our irregular Sessions, Gaudeamus (the platform for young music pioneers’ development) presents previews, try-outs and work-in-progress sessions of its own productions, young ensembles and/or talented composers. In Session #22, presentations by duo Nadezda Filippova (piano) and Vitali Karagkezidis (composition) and a try-out of a new piece by Wilbert Bulsink and Rosa Ensemble.

YouTude – Nadezda Filippova (piano) en Vitali Karagkezidis (composer + visuals)
YouTude is a work for solo piano and electronics about the visual century. We live in a time where visuals and above all videos are used on a large scale and mainly to meet the world of consumers. YouTude is a piece that draws inspiration from this society, where video sharing platforms are the primary medium for entertainment, education, information, marketing, propaganda and all other aspects of life in society.

Aan/Uit – Wilbert Bulsink / Rosa Ensemble
Aan/Uit by composer Wilbert Bulsink is a piece in which the audience influences the composition itself and thus becomes an active co-performer. Not by playing an instrument yourself, switching channels on headphones or via a smartphone, but simply by muting the sound of the performance in the concert hall completely, partly or totally by putting their fingers in their ears. This simple action creates a unique experience of the sound.

Nadezda Filippova - piano
Vitali Karagkezidis - composition + visuals

Wilbert Bulsink - composition
Willem Wits - visuals
Rosa Ensemble:
Anna voor de Wind - clarinets
Jeroen Kimman - elektric guitar
Peter Jessen - double bass, voice
Willem Wits - overhead projector