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Gaudeamus Sessies #24

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

During our irregular Sessions, Gaudeamus presents previews, try-outs and work-in-progress sessions of young ensembles and talented composers, from our own productions or those of partner organisations. In Sessies #24 two brand new duos featuring saxophone players: Femke IJlstra and violinist Merel Vercammen present their new performance Het parlement der dingen en Koen Boeijinga and percussionist Sjahin During start an improvised adventure.

Persfoto Koen Boeijinga _ Sjahin During

Koen Boeijinga & Sjahin During
Saxophonist and wind instrument player Koen Boeijinga invites percussionist Sjahin During for a brand new collaboration. Boeijinga is a member of improvisation collective BUI, ensemble in residence at Gaudeamus this year. Joint because of their fascination for history, culture and nature, Boeijinga and During venture on an improvised exploration that brings together musical worlds to form a powerful and colourful new sound. A rich palet of surprising instruments and sounds, bringing new life to the ages old combination of wind instruments and percussion.

Het parlement der dingen
Saxophonist Femke IJlstra and violinist Merel Vercammen join forces for a new performance inspired by the philosophical theory The Parliament of Things by Bruno Latour, about the artificial and problematic division that people make between nature and society, and between science and politics. Four young and upcoming composers make new pieces that reflect on our current time in the light of Latour’s theory. Sarah Neutkens lets nature and culture blend in a mechanical piece with an organical structure. Karmit Fadael writes a piece that exhibits as much power outside as inside. Aftab Darvishi stresses the duality in Latour’s theory and Nuno Lobo writes a piece about the fictional political party Venus Flytrap Union. A divers range of new insights from a new generation of composers.

Het parlement der dingen is supported by Fonds Podiumkunsten and Gaudeamus.

Photo: Heidi de Gier