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Gaudeamus Sessies #25: Rieteke Hölscher + Udo Prinsen

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

During our irregular Sessions, Gaudeamus presents previews, try-outs and work-in-progress sessions of young ensembles and talented composers, from our own productions or those of partner organisations. In Sessies #25 a try-out by Rieteke Hölscher and a short experimental collaboration between Udo Prinsen, Rob van den Broek and Oene van Geel.

Corona admission ticket and ID
In addition to a ticket, you also need a corona ticket for this concert, in the form of a QR code. This applies to all visitors aged 13 and older. We also ask for your proof of identity.

Rieteke Hölscher – Keystones deel 1 – Creatie
A bird’s eye view of our sustainable Mother Earth. Bible stories contain an ancient, universal wisdom that wants to make itself known in a personal way. Taking up the iconic Biblical / mythological characters Lilith and Eve, the composer provides a personal vision and highlights themes from human life in which ancient and modern worlds come together. In these opening scenes, complex emotions of humanity through the ages – such as faith, temptation, exile, love, fear and hope – are musically brought to life.


Rieteke Hölscher – Keystones Part One – Creation
1. Incredible Prayer
2. When Night is Almost done
3. Who Has Seen the Wind
4. Temptations 
5. Chorus of Invisible Angels


Itzel Medecigo – mezzo-soprano / dance
Ensemble Cross Meeting:
Joel Vega Salgado – oboe
Kirsti Apajalahti – violin
Pau Marquès i Oleo – cello
Rieteke Hölscher – piano

Creations is funded partly by the Investeringsfondsmuziek of Bumastemra and the Ministerie van OCW.

Udo Prinsen – Cello Rob
Udo Prinsin maintains a platform for short experimental collaborations with musicians called Mini Music Movies. Graphic Music Scores and custom build instruments of Rob van den Broek (Stichting QEM) inspired him to research form in which cello ‘Rob’, played in the movie by Oene van Geel, has the lead.