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Season / Multidisciplinary performance

Gaudeamus Terrapolis: Show Pony, Julian Alexander & RDS

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Terrapolis: a fictional world in which borders, relationships and connections are constantly changing and being discussed. In this concert series, twice a year we musical performances that redefine the idea of what a musical performance can be and can signify.

This 2nd edition is a collaboration with Stranded FM, in which the Stranded FM related artists Julian Alexander and RDS have dived into the Gaudeamus archive, spanning more than 75 years, for inspiration and material. On this evening they will perform the result of their research in new work.

19:30 – 20:00 RDS
Machine-ridden textures and a devoted curiosity to the monumental techniques shaping electronic club music are at the heart of the music of Rein de Sauvage a.k.a. RDS. His music intersects early IDM, ambient techno and fast-paced minimalist house. He uses vintage analogue equipment and has a fondness for folk and jazz due to their emotive qualities, as heard on his bimonthly Stranded FM show.

20:00 – 20:30 Julian Alexander
Invited by Utrecht’s grassroots, online radio platform Stranded FM, Julian Tjon Sack Kie a.k.a. Julian Alexadner creates a musical work based on his research at Gaudeamus’s vast archive. The composer is focusing on the integration of electronic music within acoustic music, with inspiration taken from non-western philosophies and nature. In his composition echoes from the past, Julian dives not only into the musical past of Gaudeamus, but also his Surinamese heritage, as he applies his research to the effects of the Netherland’s colonial history.

Terra Isis Gitane – spoken word
Laurence Gaudreau – cello
Julian Tjon Sack Kie – electronics

21:00 – 22:00 Show Pony: Lullaby for a Slow Apocalypse
Double bassist / singer / producer Laura Nygren a.k.a. Show Pony presents the performative installation Lullaby for a Slow Apocalypse with Tatiana Rosa and Simon van Steenis. Wondering “What if the accepted version of the apocalypse is wrong?”, the three set out to create an atmosphere reframing the apocalypse from the matriarchal perspective, through visuals set set to the dreamy chamber music synth pop music of Show Pony, written and arranged in collaboration with producer No Compliments. This project was realised with support from AFK.