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Season / Multidisciplinary performance

Gaudeamus Terrapolis: Celia Swart + Sean Bell + Sjors van der Mark

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Terrapolis: a fictional world in which borders, relationships and connections are constantly changing and being discussed. In this concert series, we present musical performances that redefine the idea of what a musical performance can be and can signify. In this third edition, three audiovisual projects by composer Celia Swart, countertenor Sean Bell and guitarist Sjors van der Mark.

Celia Swart – The Mirror In My Room
The promising Dutch young composer Celia Swart tells contemporary stories using film, animation, music and stage imagery. In her new performance The Mirror in my Room oboist Arthur Klaassens enters into a tense dialogue with his own reflection, played by oboist and double Vincent van Wijk. A visual and musical story about ambition, autonomy and belonging. Swart’s music intimately reflects the alienation between mirror image and reality.

Sean Bell – Dowland Downloaded
Dowland Downloaded explores the music of the British songwriter John Dowland (1563-1626) through the lens of contemporary art pop. What happens with the music when the renaissance lute is substituted with a DIY synth? Will it lose its original meaning and only serve as a fragile frame for some wacky pop arrangements? Or could we discover a new and alternative performance practice? Armed with an electric baroque guitar, countertenor and performance artist Sean Bell creates a brand new environment for Dowland’s texts and music.

Sjors van der Mark – /-|00″
/-|00″ is an audiovisual project with a composition and musical performance by guitarist Sjors van der Mark. The music navigates between intense, menacing noise and drone and culminates in a resigned, emotional soundscape. Visual artist Timon Prospèr made a film based on this which reflects the intensity, chaos and ultimate serenity through mostly abstract images that form a dream sequence between nightmare and paradise. The live performance reverses this process by having the musician (within the boundaries of the piece) respond to the movie.