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Kikker X Gaudeamus: Stonework

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

Stonework is a duet in movement and music between human performer Mees Borgman and a stone from the Hallingskarvet mountain range in Norway. The performance is inspired by a desire for radical equality between human and stone. How do you communicate with a stone? What can we possible offer a stone? And what kind of memories and fantasies does a stone have?

Gravity, touch and vibrations form the language of this duet. The human audience is invited to take a stone point of view on existence. What can this stone teach us about time, about softness and surrender? What would a more equal relationship with our planet look like?

Even if the work is stone-centred, we would like to invite a human audience to witness this duet, in the hope that we can all be infected with a bit of stone-ness. Perhaps the stone can teach us about softness? Eventually, our aim is to learn how to coexist with nonhumans in a more empathic way.

The work is gentle and playful, part physical performance, part theatrical installation and part composition. Composer Seán ó Dálaigh creates a sound work based on the unique frequencies of the stone performer.

Stonework is a new performance by Espen Hjort (NO) and Mees Borgman (NL), who work together under the name Landmarks. Together, they make performances that go beyond human perspectives and engage with ecological issues of our time. Stonework will be followed by Treework (2024) and Mountainwork (2025).

Read an essay on Stonework by Joep Christenhusz

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