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KuuB concert: Composer’s portrait Bianca Bongers

This concert has already taken place. Click here for our current concert programme.

A special composer’s portrait around the work of the Dutch composer Bianca Bongers, following her recently released CD Surrounded by Air on the label 7 Mountain Records. Characteristic of Bongers’ music is a spatial and visual way of thinking. Guido van Oorschot from De Volkskrant wrote in his four-star review about the CD: “Perhaps that’s why the eight pieces sound like floating objects. They dance around, grazing the eardrum, seemingly amazed at the sound they are making.

During this concert four of the works on the CD can be heard, performed by Vincent van Amsterdam, Andreas Mader, Christos Papandreopoulos, Tosca Opdam and by Bianca herself. Two of these, Aardverschuivingen (2016) for accordion and Reiken (2018) for violin, alto saxophone and piano, were commissioned by Gaudeamus. Two works on the program are a premiere: the Dutch premiere of When do we start to dance again (2013) for alto saxophone and Echo (2021) for violin and piano, which Bongers wrote for NTR Podium, where it was broadcasted on NPO Radio 4. During this concert it will be played live for an audience for the first time. Bongers herself also plays her piece Three movements and a conclusion from 2013 on solo cello. Together, these seven works form a showcase of her working life as a composer.


Come wide closer

Andreas Mader - saxofoon

When do we start to dance again?

Tosca Opdam - violin
Andreas Mader - saxophone
Christos Papandreopoulos - piano


Tosca Opdam - violin
Christos Papandreopoulos - piano

Three movements and a closing

Bianca Bongers - cello