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KuuB Concert: Ezequiel Menalled

Despite technology advancing us, science now tells us that we officially have an attention span of less than a goldfish. This fact forms the starting point for the sixty-minute music theatre piece Falling for soprano, electric guitar and live electronics. Falling is an intimate performance developed and co-produced by the German soprano Maribeth Diggle and the Argentinian composer and guitarist Ezequiel Menalled. Inspired by ‘Slow Movement’ they search for ways to repossess our time and our inner tempo.

This concert season Gaudeamus brings you an intimate series of concerts in KuuB, a gallery annex mutifunctional space for art and culture in a picturesque old part (museumkwartier) of Utrecht. KuuB is a beautiful venue for contemporary art exhibits, but is also particularly suitable for unusual chamber music concerts devoted entirely to the newest music. As the charismatic conductor of Ensemble Modelo62 Ezequiel Menalled is well-known to Gaudeamus. His music theatre piece Falling fits extremely well in the intimate and rustic atmosphere of KuuB.

One free drink included.